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Lolita fashion for New York State!

New York Lolitas

This is a community created so others could meet people in their area, whether from upstate or downstate. I hope in the future we can have meetups. People from surrounding states are welcome to join too. Beyond meetups we have Group Orders and some wonderfully crafty people.

NYC lolitas are welcome to join/watch too! Ontario Lolitas are welcome- heck if you think you can make it to meetups it doesn't matter where you're from. We hope to one day have a statewide meetup!

-Now for some posting guidelines-
First and foremost, keep posts on topic. No spamming, mods reserve the right to delete posts we deem inappropriate. We'd like to keep the drama to a minimum so if you have any issues please feel free to contact a mod.

Some types of posts we would like to see:
~Daily outfit posts- New York's own daily lolita can also be good for outfit advice. Tag like you would on daily_lolita by using the style and the username.
~Local finds- It's a lot better knowing that the local H&M has before you drive out there based on an EGL post.
~Group orders and sales posts- Give the local girls first dibs and an opportunity to not have to pay for shipping. Please use your best judgment about what is appropriate to post or just ask a mod.
~Introduction posts- we really haven't had any of these but they are great if you are new to the community.

Since meetup posts are our main posts we thought it would be nice to keep them organized. Please tag them as meetup with the date of the meetup.
~Planned meetups should have multiple posts as needed just no repeat posts (exact same post as before just posted again). If you think your first post didn't get any love because it got knocked of everyone's friends page then just delete the old post and make the new one. We just don't want the front page to be all the same post.
~Also try to keep large images or image heavy posts behind a cut

Now some other great LJ communities:
egl aka the mothership
lolita_handbook the canon for lolita fashion. Don't know what lolita is? well this is where to start.