Manhattan Meetup?

Hello everyone, 

I just recently moved to New York. Since it is a big city, I thought there would be some lolita things happening regularly, but this community board seems a bit quiet. Since Manhattan has many lovely tea houes, cafes, and patisseries, would anyone like to participate in a meetup in the city?

Have never hosted one myself, but I would be more than happy to find a good location, make reservations, etc.

Is anyone interested? 
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Seeking models for Macabre Faire fashion shows

I'm currently seeking models for the Macabre Faire's Kristen Costa Fashion show Friday October 19th at the Best Western Mill River Manor in Rockville Center. We are currently seeking models as tall as possible and up to waist size 28 but can go a bit bigger since outfits are still being made. If interested please email me at so I can send you our application and contracts as well as more information. Those selected will receive a free pass for the day. Forms are due by September 3rd.
For more examples go to Kristen Costa's Web Blog here:
And of course for more info on the Macabre Faire go to

Erie, Cattaraugus, Niagara, or Chautauqua County Lolitas?

Hello everyone!

  I was wondering if anyone in the counties mentioned would be interested in setting up a meetup, or perhaps if I could join in your plans, for International Lolita Day?  I know it's a bit short notice, but it's my first time joining and I would be thrilled to have wonderful people around to share it with.  Of course I'd love to plan future meetups too if things go as planned.  I live in the Fredonia/Dunkirk area, but I've been known to drive to Buffalo and Jamestown.  Sometimes I do drive to Erie, PA.  I know a couple girls from the Rochester and Syracuse communities, but unfortunately the distance is too great to make it to their meetups consistently.  They did tell me however that there were a few lolitas out in Buffalo.  Either way, I really hope to hear from anyone and look forward to some responses :)

                    Best regards,


Looking - Dutchess/Warren County Lolitas?

Hi, I was wondering if there are any lolitas in Dutchess County, which is my primary place of residence. I was wondering about Warren county as well, up in the Adirondacks, because that's where I spend the summer. We have a house near Loon Lake in North Creek, but we hang out at Lake George quite a bit. It'd be great to meet some other lolitas in my area!

Lolitas in Orange and Rockland County?


I was at my a mall a few months ago - I know that seems rather dated - but I saw a Lolita walking around and it got me thinking to ask if there were any lolitas in Rockland and Orange county. So are you there any out there? ^^

I want to organize a group meetup in Warwick and Nyack but I'm putting out feelers to see who is around and start to make new friends as well.

Thank you :) 



Movie Meetup!

So I don't know about the rest of you, but I am totally pumped for the new Miyazaki movie "The Secret World of Arrietty." So I would LOVE to make a meetup for it! The 17th is a Friday, however we DON'T have to see it opening night. It is next week and that is pretty short timing. So I want to make this meetup for the following weekend being the 24th or 25th. That being said, it may have to be a later show since I do work on Fridays (from 10am- 6pm) and Saturdays (from 10am- 3:30-4pm). So perhaps, dinner and a movie? That would be awesome!

I was thinking the movie theatre at Crossgates Mall would be awesome (since I know where it is and can take a bus to it); but if there are other places let me know! I'd love to make things easier for other lolis too =) 

Upstate Ice-skating Meetup!

I found this and spazzed out! I would love to have an ice skating meetup soon! I am personally going to try it out on Saturday (feb 4th) since it's only $4 to rent skates and free admission!!! <3 <3 

What would be some good times to get together? I really miss the lolita community up here and would love to have everyone get together once more! Let's make it happen ladies and gents!

I was thinking good dates would be on a Sunday (I usually work Fridays and Saturdays!)

Sunday Feb, 5th 2:oopm-till we're all tired of skating and we want to eat!
Sunday Feb, 12th (we could make this a Valentine's Day meetup too!) 2:oopm-"
Sunday Feb, 19th 2:oopm- "

There are some really neat places to eat in Albany so we could always walk around for places to eat. Suggestions are awesome!

If you have any questions, PM me or leave a comment!

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Moving to Fort Drum

I hope this is the right community to post this. Today I just found out that my husband and I will be stationed at Fort Drum in about six months, and I am very interested in joining the local Lolita community. We will most likely be living in Watertown as my husband doesn't want to live on base, and I was wondering if there is a decent community in that area.